One of the most respected “go-to” brands for authentic Vietnamese instant food goods and condiments. VIFON produce delicious and quick Vietnamese products such as noodles (including phở!), congees and condiments. VIFON have been awarded multiple awards for delivering high quality goods and for being “the most favourite Vietnamese brand”.

Apart from their quality food products, they are active in the contributing to social causes by frequently donating to flood relief in Vietnam.

We are proud to be the sole distributor of VIFON products in Australia and New Zealand since 1993.

Find out more about VIFON Vietnam here.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters offers our famous high-quality instant rice paper (bánh tráng), woven rice vermicelli (bánh hỏi) and flat rice noodles (hủ tiếu) that is known and loved by Asian households and restaurants all over Australia.

You may be wondering what differentiates our rice paper from others?

It retains moisture and so does not dry out quickly, is stretchy and durable and so will not fall apart easily, and is quicker and simpler to prepare.

This is the perfect go-to product whether you are health conscious and addicted to rice paper rolls (gỏi cuốn), or are craving a treat and enjoy fried rice paper spring rolls (chả giò)!

The Three Lobsters and BINKO

Our famous high-quality instant rice paper (bánh tráng) is also sold under these brands.